Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My favourite things to start off the year! :)

Hey everyone! So today I thought I would show you some of my favourite things to start of the year. Let's get straight into things! ^-^ Ok, so the first thing is something nice and crafty to look at. I made these jars not that long ago and soon I'm going to put flowers in :)
 A note book to write what your thinking, draw and create news ideas! :) (I think you NEED a notebook. So..Get one x3)
 Okay, I know this is kind of strange but I think having a soap in your room is really nice, because when you go to sleep it gives a nice smell! (My friend Noa gave me this) A C FOR CLAIRE!
 And of course a new pair of converse! <3 I LOVE CONVERSE :3
So those are my favourite things to start off the year! What are yours? 


  1. You know, the 10th doctor wears converse high-tops too?

    1. Yeah. Well, to tell you, I've never had that type of shoe. Oh and btw, have you checked out my blog? Im going to put pictures on it now. And Im guessing your still going to put pictures on your blog right?


  2. Of course! Your blog is looking great btw!

  3. btw, why are you always upgrading your blog?


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