Thursday, June 19, 2014

[Life Update] #1

Good afternoon! So, today I am going to start a post series called "Life update" Where I just say what I have been doing lately.. So, lets get straight into it!! I am about start reading Wonder that my friend Scarlett was reading and of course it leaped out to me because the title is my favourite word... *hint hint
Now, I highly recommend writing a word and cutting the letters out and putting it on top of anything you want, then seeing how cool things look! I'm sorry but I just think it is SO cool...
I have been sorting out my room like crazy (finally!!) and behind you can see I have never thrown out a book and I am finally throwing out over half of them!  
Note: The lighting is really bad sorry, I shot this at night...
And before I go I just wanted to say Asha and I have some special ideas... They will be here soon! 


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