Saturday, May 31, 2014

DIY! :: How to make a *rough* love heart candle holder!

So, winter is TOMORROW! I love winter since it's a very fresh season. So I thought I would show you how to make this cute heart candle holder. (This is just a very pretty room decoration so even if it isn't winter then why not try this?) 
 You are going to need a jar (Any size you want it to be - I like going for cute and small)! - Paint brushes, probably one thin and one thick. Choose 2 colours out of your paints you are going to use. I like black and white. 
Draw your heart and start to paint around it. 
I added some white polka dots and painted the lid white.
 Ta da! Forever remember a heart can always be lit up Of course you don't have to have a heart in it but I think I like the heart. If you make this please, please send me a link to a photo- anything you can do! ^-^ It's great for a room, on a window. Anywhere ;)


  1. I love it! So cute. I am in love with your blog Claire :) Followed with GFC x

  2. Doctor who: the first question, extended cut. I think you'll like it

    also all doctors' regeneration, short vision.

  3. Claire, how come you were up at 11:51 pm.

  4. Cute craft!


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